Your Church Plant Master Plan

I consider it a blessing that I get to work with church planters everyday.  Many have done exhaustive research and months of preparation in the area of planning.  But some, unfortunately, place little or no emphasis on planning. The fact is, you will greatly increase the probability of success by creating a well thought-out church planting plan, proposal, or master plan.  Just as you would think through every detail and create a business plan before starting your own business,  you want to think through every aspect of your church plant via what we call a Master Plan. The Master Plan...

Sample Master Plans

You will greatly increase the probability of success by creating a well thought-out church planting Master Plan. The elements of a Master Plan, also known as Business Plan or Church Proposal, are: Purpose statement Vision for church Demographic study of community Core Values Strategy to reach and retain Launch needs First year timeline First year…

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Don’t Surrender. Lead.

There will be people along your church planting journey who will challenge you to surrender the vision that God has given you. Do not surrender it. In the early days, there was a couple who fell in love with The Springs. They loved the fellowship, the teaching, and the worship. They served tirelessly in ministry….

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Why You Need an Elevator Pitch

Great post by Michael Hyatt on the importance of being able to present your proposal quickly. Important for church planters! Over the course of my career, I’ve listened to thousands of sales pitches. These have come from authors, speakers, vendors, employees, investors, and even politicians. Some of these pitches were remarkable; most were not. Those…

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Dear Church Planter, Dream Bigger!

The ability to dream is a God-given gift. God has given us the power to be creative, to dream, to visualize, to plan. It is a powerful force that can be used for either good or evil. Napoleon said, “Imagination rules the world.” Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Every great achievement in…

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