Unshakable Conviction About Growth

“The speed of the leader determines the pace of the pack.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson If you’re not growing as a leader, the church will overtake you and start leading you rather than you leading the church. You have to do everything you can to stay ahead and continue to grow. Develop an unshakable conviction about…

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Message Series Helpful Links

A relevant message series unites your church around a common theme over a four to six-week period. When all the elements of the weekend experience tie into your series, the gospel message becomes more personal and can provide an easy conversation starter for your church family to invite friends.  There are dozens of sites that…

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Launching Large

It’s pretty safe to say that the early church in the book of Acts launched large. Acts 1 and 2 tells us that the first church went from a core group of 12 to 120 believers to over 3,000 believers overnight. Acts 2:47 says, “Each day the Lord added to their group those who were…

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