Weddings: Using The Side Door To Plant A Church

An age-old question for pastors: What is a new way to welcome people into the church?  Starting and growing a church is one of the most difficult things to effectively do because pastors are often unaware of their own self-created obstacles. Pastor-Created Obstacles Prevent Church Growth

  • Pastors spend most of their time on sermon preparation and interacting with people from their own church.
  • Pastors do not have an intentional plan for reaching the unchurched.
  • Pastors do not have a vision beyond the front door.
One hundred years ago, parishioners were welcomed through the front door into the church. They became members of the church...

Love Everyone but Move with the Movers

Some of the greatest counsel Rick Warren ever gave me was “Love everyone, but move with the movers!” In the first year of starting The Springs, my wife, Teddi, and I taped this motto on our bathroom mirror, because everyday we needed to be reminded of it. With the early uncertainty of a church plant,…

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Leading Larger

Your role as pastor will change as your church grows. You must lead larger.  As the church grows, it will become increasingly difficult for you to eat lunch with everyone or play golf every week. It becomes physically impossible! There will come a time when you will have to explain this. Christian leader and professor,…

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Why Talking About Church Growth Matters

It’s inevitable. Every single time we publish an article on designed to help Pastors lead their churches to grow, people react with defensiveness and pseudo-spiritual comments. Everyone seems quick to point out that “it’s not about numbers,” “bigger doesn’t mean better,” and “my small church matters just as much as your big church.” Yes….

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Growth Beyond 200

Church starters must continually develop as leaders or they will become the barriers for growth in their churches. Everything rises and falls on leadership. Purpose driven leaders learn how to lead larger by continuing to grow and develop their leadership skills. The first leadership shift takes place in what a pastor does on a daily…

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