Nuts & Bolts

A Practical How-To for Church Planters

Grace Church | Oct 13-14, 2015

  • Recruit a Launch Team
  • Craft a Master Plan
  • Cast a Compelling Vision
  • Take Your Personal Leadership to the Next Level
  • Raise Financial Resources
  • Build the Worship Experience
  • Launch Larger Than You Ever Thought Possible
  • Capture the Attention of Your Community


Nuts & Bolts is a two-day, no-holds-barred, church planter training October 13-14 at Grace Church in Avon, MA near Boston. Nuts & Bolts is jam-packed with practical tools taught by experienced church planters who are in the trenches leading churches. This is how-to training designed to provide you the tools needed to successfully launch and lead a healthy church that reaches this generation. Join church planters Ron Sylvia, Sean Sears and the Next Team as they take you from conception . . to launch . . to leading a new church.

Nuts & Bolts Church Planting
Tues-Wed | Oct 13-14 | 9am – 4pm daily
Grace Church | Boston
Only $79 per person (includes lunch)

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Grace Church
101 Wales Ave
Avon, MA
Telephone: 781-297-2970

  • October 13-14, 2015

  • 9am - 4pm

  • Boston Logan BOS


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