Building Your Launch Team

If God has called you to start a new church, you may already feel isolated, like you’re on this church planting journey alone. Be encouraged, God does not use a lone individual to start a church. Thankfully, He builds teams to launch churches. As God prepares you, He is also preparing a group of people to start the church with you. Trust that God is speaking to others about being part of what he is stirring within you. Your challenge is to find those individuals. Whether you’re launching in your hometown or you’ve moved your family to a city...

Break the Bubble

     We all have a bubble. I am referring to an area where we’ve never experienced anything larger or greater than our current level of ministry or leadership.  In ministry, there will always be a leader, a church, a worship experience, a children’s ministry further along than you in the process.  Always. As leaders, it is…

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Early Leadership Systems

Accountability and counsel are essential to a church planter. In the early days of a new church plant, you’ll likely experience one of two temptations when it comes to leadership. One is to hastily construct a leadership team with a board, positions and policies. The other is to fly solo with no accountability at all. …

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Leading Larger

Your role as pastor will change as your church grows. You must lead larger.  As the church grows, it will become increasingly difficult for you to eat lunch with everyone or play golf every week. It becomes physically impossible! There will come a time when you will have to explain this. Christian leader and professor,…

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Church Planters, Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Leadership guru Ken Blanchard once shared with me that you could tell if a person was an entrepreneur by the fourth grade. Church planters are spiritual entrepreneurs. Merriam-Webster defines an entrepreneur as “one who organizes, manages and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise.” I remember starting my first lemonade stand when I was…

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